Enhanced Access to Vanadium and Profitability Indicated by Pre-Feasibility Study Strengthens Foundation for Strategic Commitment to Energy Storage Businesses

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Corporate Profile About Us

Largo can service multiple vanadium market applications through the supply of its unrivaled VPURETM and VPURE+TM products, which are sourced from one of the world’s highest-grade vanadium deposits at the Maracás Menchen Mine located in Brazil. Largo is also focused on the advancement of renewable energy storage solutions with its world-class VCHARGE vanadium redox flow battery systems.

High purity V2O5 flakes.

High purity V2O5 powder.

Standard grade V2O5 flakes.

Vertically integrated, long-duration VRFB system.

Contributing to a lower carbon future:

Largo has a global

Our global reach enables Largo to service a wide range of applications and offer solutions for customers located around the world.

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Largo Clean Energy

An industry-leading, vertically integrated vanadium redox flow battery business to provide clean energy storage systems to the fast-growing, long-duration renewable energy storage market.

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Why Invest?

Industry Preferred

Industry preferred, vertically integrated vanadium supplier with a solid balance sheet.

Active Growth

Accretive growth strategy leveraging a world class vanadium operation and superior VRFB technology.

Unique Sustainability

Focus on integrating ESG principles and values throughout the organization.

Opportunity to Invest

Opportunity to invest in the global low carbon and clean energy transition.

Highly Skilled Management

Highly skilled team focused on delivering long term value.