Sustainability is the foundation of our business.

We understand our short and long-term impacts on people and the planet, and we act to prevent and reduce them throughout our value chain. We work together with our communities on their sustainable development.

In our mining operations, we reuse 95% of the water in the ore processing circuit and continue to explore opportunities to further reduce our footprint on the environment.

We create opportunities in the clean energy industry that will benefit people around the world. Our vanadium redox flow batteries (VRFBs) are an innovative solution to store renewable energy for a low-carbon future.

Our vanadium products are used in responsible processes such as providing fuel efficiency in the aerospace industry and reducing the environmental impact along the steel production chain.

We are proud of our accomplishments made since we began operations and look forward to continually improving as we grow and develop responsible products and solutions that meet the needs of tomorrow.

Climate change: risks and opportunities

Largo is well-positioned to minimize transition risks and is already taking advantage of opportunities.


Located in Northeast Brazil, Largo’s Maracás Menchen Mine could be exposed to acute and chronic physical risks related to rainstorms and increased temperatures during its operational mine life of 20 years. Reduced production capacity is the main potential financial impact and the Company is actively mitigating risks related to changes in rain precipitation and volume.


Vanadium presents opportunities to reduce GHG emissions and minimize climate change through its use as an alloying element in greener steel applications as well as integrating renewable energy through its use in long duration energy storage via vanadium-based batteries. Largo’s clean energy business focusses on the sale of vanadium-based battery components to renewable energy storage customers. The long-duration energy storage market is growing, with expected maturity around 2030-2035. Vanadium batteries offer unique advantages due to a variety of innovations that enable an efficient, safe solution that is fully recyclable at the end of their expected 25-year-plus lifespan, meeting increasingly stringent regulatory requirements.

United Nations sustainable
development goals

In 2020, Largo aligned itself with, and committed to support the 17 Sustainable Development Goals as defined by the UN.


Disclosure and transparency

We believe that accountability and transparent disclosure of our environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks and opportunities are part of our corporate responsibility. We follow GRI, SASB and TCFD standards.

Image of Largo Sustainability Guide Book.

Sustainability Reports

Largo is focused on the integration of ESG principles and values throughout our organization. We are committed to the improvement of these initiatives and look forward to providing new reports annually.

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Image of Largo Climate Guide Book.

Climate Reports

We believe being transparent about our approach to climate change is part of our vision to enable the planet’s transition to a low-carbon future using vanadium products, including vanadium-based energy storage batteries.

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